Before and After Cleaning of a HP Pavilion A1210N

This is a Slideshow video of the before and after computer cleaning process being performed on a HP Pavilion A1210N.

Before and After Cleaning of a Compaq Presario SR2006NX PC

This is a Slideshow video of the before and after cleaning of a Compaq Presario SR2006NX.

Performing a Disk Cleanup in Windows 7

What is a Disk Cleanup? A Disk Cleanup is a Windows System Utility. This utility allows a user to scan their computers hard drive to see if there is any unnecessary data files no longer needed this data is then deleted. By performing this really simple utility it will increase the speed and performance of a computer.

Steps to performing a Disk Cleanup

 Step 1. Click the Start button

Step 2. Click All Programs

Step 3. Click Accessories

Step 4. Click System Tools

Step 5. Click Disk Cleanup

(The computer then scans itself to see what files are no longer needed)

Step 6. You will be prompted with a dialog boxes this dialog box has check boxes. These check boxes represent different kinds of files that Disk Cleanup recommends you delete. To delete those files just check the boxes. Then Click OK.

(Note if you do not know what type of files a specific box represents there is a description area towards the bottom of the dialog boxes that will tell you what it represents.)

Step 7. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the files just click Delete Files.

(Next you will see this dialog box. All it is doing is deleting the files that were selected. Once this dialog box disappears you have successfully completed a Disk Cleanup.)